Five ways to learn what triggers your audience

As I talked about in my last article Are we forgetting something, we may have to look beyond the KPIs to get the customer insights we need to make impactful B2B content. I guess most of us are trying to make relevant content, but ‘relevant’ to someone in its broad sense can mean that is has something to do with the target customer’s particular business or market. This does not automatically mean that it will get noticed in the content storm raging in social media, let alone read and shared. To give our content investment a better chance to pay off, we need to understand what would really trigger our audience. (Or rather, what would trigger the different roles of our audience; a CFO usually have other challenges than a CTO even if they are working for the same company). Tracking data helps us segment prospects based on behaviour and see which content pieces that created engagement and which did not. But when looking ahead, trying to foresee what topics that would give the best results, we need a deeper understanding. Truly engaging B2B content stems from sore professional pain points and gaping business needs.  Continue reading “Five ways to learn what triggers your audience”

Are we forgetting something?

We spend four hours on our phones every day (I’ve seen different figures, some say over five hours). Science has confirmed that smartphones are highly addictive, more so than alcohol and gambling. Every interaction with Facebook or LinkedIn rewards us immediately with a burst of the “pleasure hormone” dopamine in our poor brains. Even the supertechies in Silicon Valley who invented the apps and the features and made them addictive are now trying to make amends for the monsters they’ve created and warn the world’s population. Obsession with new technology seems hardwired in our brains.

Another obsession of the modern homo sapiens seems to be numbers. As everyone knows, if you can measure something, it exists (and counts in the board rooms). Take these two human obsessions and smack them together. What have you got? Data-driven marketing! It’s simply irresistible. And as we are absorbed by the numbers, we might miss out on something essential. Continue reading “Are we forgetting something?”