The key to need-to-know content

Relevant content is not enough

An insane volume of content is produced every year, and as marketing is becoming data-driven, a growing part of it is adapted to the target readers. They are flooded with ‘relevant content’ competing for their attention, time and energy. According to Content Marketing Institute, leads generation is the top goal to 85% of B2B marketers and creating engaging content is a top priority to 72%. Faced with ‘relevant’ content overflow, it is more important than ever that content engages potential customers throughout their buying journeys and converts them into sales leads. So we have a challenge. But there is a way to do it: to provide the specific knowledge your target readers need to be able to achieve their professional goals. And at the same time push their emotional buttons. This means you need to explore their challenges.

How is this possible? I mean, look at the symbolic glass in the picture. 

Well, there is a way: by providing specific knowledge that your potential buyers need to be able to achieve their professional goals. And, I should add: pushing their emotional buttons.

But doesn’t this require up-to-date insights into our customers’s challenges?  You got it. It’s the key. We need to move from nice-to-know to need-to-know. Continue reading “The key to need-to-know content”

Are we forgetting something?

We spend four hours on our phones every day (I’ve seen different figures, some say over five hours). Science has confirmed that smartphones are highly addictive, more so than alcohol and gambling. Every interaction with Facebook or LinkedIn rewards us immediately with a burst of the “pleasure hormone” dopamine in our poor brains. Even the supertechies in Silicon Valley who invented the apps and the features and made them addictive are now trying to make amends for the monsters they’ve created and warn the world’s population. Obsession with new technology seems hardwired in our brains.

Another obsession of the modern homo sapiens seems to be numbers. As everyone knows, if you can measure something, it exists (and counts in the board rooms). Take these two human obsessions and smack them together. What have you got? Data-driven marketing! It’s simply irresistible. And as we are absorbed by the numbers, we might miss out on something essential. Continue reading “Are we forgetting something?”