Storytelling: what makes a story powerful?

Storytelling. The word has an aura of excitement and magic that probably explains some of the hype. Storytelling used to make me think of the Odyssey or old men with beards telling tales by camp fires under the stars. These days, I see marketing consultants on stages (with beards) claiming to be Storytellers. 

Is storytelling just a new name for marketing? Will saying the magic word  turn marketers – or anybody – into Storytellers? Does content equal stories? No, no, and no.

Since storytelling is the art of telling a story, the question is: what makes something a good story (and not just ‘content’)? Let’s start with the basics.  Continue reading “Storytelling: what makes a story powerful?”

Start with the destination of the buying journey

Business goals first

When you’re planning your B2B content, it can be tempting to jump right in and start jamming for content ideas. Stop right there! You will end up wasting precious time and money. Your content needs to engage the right readers and lead them towards the decisions you want them to make. The final purpose of B2B content is usually to contribute to your business. To make sure it does, you need to know what your business goals and key business opportunities are. Every B2B company is different and while some may only sell a single product, most have a product portfolio with a range of products for different customer segments. If your company sells different products, start off with the big picture: which products do you want to sell to which companies? This simple overview will enable you and your colleagues to decide which opportunities have the biggest potential value for your company and our customers – and focus your efforts on them. Your key business goals should be the destinations of the buying journeys. Putting them at the end of the funnel allows you to map out the steps that will lead the buyer there, and to figure out who are involved in the process. This method enables you to make sure each piece of content contributes to the most valuable business opportunities for you and your clients. When all content serves a defined business purpose, things start to happen.

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