Formulate your wanted leadership position

What is your company’s field of expertise?

B2B providers add value to their customers through their competence more than products or solutions per se. You need to be clear on what your company’s specific competence or expertise is and make sure your content reflects it. By bringing valuable insights and know-how, your content creates the image of your company as a leader in your field.

A leadership position is the area of expertise your company wants to claim. If this spot is not already taken, there might be a good opportunity to earn a position as a so-called thought-leader. 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders (Demand Gen Report, 2016). A thought-leader usually sets the rules of the game as well as the agenda, and is considered an authority worth listening to and referring to. If you pass this test you might have what it takes:

  • Is the knowledge and expertise you claim desired by your customers?
  • Is your company believable in this expert role?
  • Does it set you apart from your competitors?

Ideally, your content should be consistent with your claimed area of expertise and contribute to your audience’s knowledge in that area.

Of course, your field of knowledge should be in line with your overall brand promise (sometimes they could even be the same).

Your claimed expertise should guide the topics on your editorial schedule. This is really how any content builds brands, be it editorial content or content promoting your products.

Again, your brand position is hopefully documented as part of your brand strategy. Even if it is, though, your area of expertise or wanted thought leadership position might need a bit more work. One sentence should be enough to clarify when the customer should call your company and no one else (or surf your web site to get smarter).

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